What is a DSA?

"The article shall explain you about the meaning of NBFCs, eligibility criteria for DSA, benefits of becoming DSA, Duties of DSA, Documents required for DSA"


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Published: 14 March 2023

Updated: 26 February 2024

DSA or Direct Selling Agents is a person related to banking who acts as a bridge between banks and customers. DSAs are the people who bring customers to banks for services like loans. The main job of the DSA is to find potential customers and refer them to the banks. 

In simple words, DSAs are the agents that connect eligible customers to banks or NBFCs. These agents connect with people to make them aware of the terms and conditions of banks and forward the query to suitable banks.

What are the eligibility criteria for DSA?

The eligibility criteria to become a DSA are mentioned below:

  • The candidate who wishes to become a DSA should be 21+ years of age.
  • The candidate should bear Indian citizenship.
  • Should be proficient in public dealing.
  • Must have Good Communication and Convincing Skills.

Benefits for (DSA) Direct Selling Agent

  • Becoming a DSA shall yield you extra income.
  • Low-cost and no-risk business.
  • There is no need for higher education.
  • Flexible working hours.

Benefits to customers from DSA

  • Customers will have multiple options available to them.
  • DSA will provide after-sales assistance to the customers.
  • Issues and concerns of customers are resolved quickly and hassle-free.

Documents required for DSA

Mentioned below are the documents that are required to become a DSA.

  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Bank account details
  • Aadhaar Card

How to Become a DSA?

  • Visit My Mudra website.
  • Complete the application form and submit your details like an Aadhaar Card, PAN card, secured check, and photographs.
  • Your registration process will be completed within a day by our executive team.
  • Sign the agreement and start earning by becoming a DSA.


The article shall brief you about direct selling agents or DSA. DSA meaning is quite simple, he or she is an agent who acts as a bridge between the customer and the bank. My Mudra is a one-stop solution if you are looking to associate as a DSA with an experienced financial service provider. If a person has connections with people and good communication skills then becoming a DSA shall be a fruitful decision in your life. This can pave the path to success easily and is a good source of side income.

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