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Features & Benefits of Personal Loan

  • No Collateral Required: Personal loans don't require collateral, as it is an unsecured loan making them accessible and removes the risk of losing assets in case of default.
  • Flexibility in Usage: Personal loans offer flexibility in how the funds can be used. Borrowers can utilize the loan for various purposes such as debt consolidation, home improvement, medical expenses, etc.
  • Customizable Tenure Period: Borrowers can choose a repayment tenure that suits their financial situation. Longer tenures may result in lower monthly payments, while shorter tenures may reduce the interest rate.
  • Quick Approval: Personal loans have a quick approval process. Online application options and instant approval systems help borrowers receive funds quickly.
  • Minimal Documentation: Personal loans usually require minimal documentation. Basic identification and income proof are the major requirements.
  • Fast Disbursement: Once approved, personal loans offer quick disbursal of funds, which is beneficial in emergencies or urgent financial needs.

What is a Personal Loan?

The term personal loan has emerged as a boon for individuals seeking quick and hassle free access to funds. Personal loan is a financial tool that offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience to borrowers. Unlike traditional loans, a personal loan is unsecured, meaning you don't have to provide any collateral to secure it.

My Mudra Personal Loan you can say goodbye to lengthy approval processes and mountains of paperwork. Our application process ensures that you can get the funds you need when you need them, without the unnecessary delays. We are committed to providing you with the best financial solutions.


Types of Personal Loans


Medical Emergencies


Marriage Functions


Rennovate Dream Home


Gadgets & Appliances


Travel Purpose


Education Fee

Eligibility & Documentation for Personal Loan
Eligibility Criteria


21 years - 58 years


Monthly Income:

Minimum Rs.30,000



10.25% Upto 50 lakh


CIBIL Requirement:

700 or higher



Between 12 - 84 months

Required Documents

KYC Documents:

Submit Aadhar Card


Other Documents:

Submit PAN Card


Bank Statements:

Previous six months statement


Salary Slip:

Three latest month salary slips



Submit the passport size photo

Strategies to improve your odds of securing a Personal Loan

Since the personal loan is an unsecured loan, this nature of personal loan increases the credit risk, as it leaves them with no collateral or security. To mitigate this risk of personal loan, banks and NBFCs factor in various aspects of their credit history and follow strict eligibility policies when looking at their loan applications. Borrowers those who are planning to avail personal loan can strategically improve the chance of getting approved for the personal loan, so here are some tips discussed below for it:

  • Maintaining your CIBIL score is first and the most important tip, so you need to maintain your score above 700.
  • It is advised that reviewing your credit report on a regular basis for inaccuracies is crucial, as the error occurred can lower your credit score and also may diminish your loan approval chances.
  • Do compare the offers of personal loan available from Banks and NBFCs before finalising your loan deal.
  • Apply for the loan from a Bank/NBFC where you are sure about the highest chances of approval of personal loan.
  • Keep in mind that you should avoid making multiple loan applications within a short period of time.

Factors affecting Personal Loan Interest Rate

There are many factors which determine the interest rate of your personal loan:

  • Credit History: The key factor which plays crucial role in the approval of personal loan. Credit history not only determines your eligibility but along with it also affects the interest rate. High credit scores help in building the lender's trust in the borrower’s financial behaviour.
  • Monthly Income: People with higher income usually have higher potential for repayment of loan so people with higher income receive the loan with lowest interest rate.
  • Repayment History: The borrower will track the record of your repayments of your debts according to your interest rate. A consistency and timely repayment history of your loan results in the lower interest rate, demonstrating reliability to lenders.
  • Status of Employer: Interest rate depends on this factor too. In which company you are working with, the reputation and financial stability of the employer plays a vital role over here as it signifies the reliability and potentially impact the interest rate of the borrower.
  • Bank Relations: Long standing and positive relation with the bank lead to preferential rates or more flexible terms for the borrower and impact the interest rate of loan.

The Personal loan interest rates primarily influence the total cost of your borrowing. So, before applying one must always look for the best interest rates available by the different banks on their credit profile.

Personal Loan Details

Interest Rate 10.25% p.a. onwards
Processing Fees NIL
Loan Tenure 12 to 84 Months
Late Payment Charges According to Lender’s Rule
How to apply for Instant Personal Loan?
Visit My Mudra Website
Fill in the Form
Get Instant Approval
Get Instant Disbursal

Compare Personal Loan rates from our top lenders

hdfc-bank-icon HDFC Bank
Max. Loan Amt. Up to ₹40L
Rate of Interest 10.50% - 24%
Tenure up to Upto 6 Years
Processing Fee ₹4,999
10 Second Disbursal* 100% Digital Process* Quick Disbursal
hdfc-bank-icon Axis Bank
Max. Loan Amt. Up to ₹40L
Rate of Interest 10.49% - 22%
Tenure up to 1-5 Years
Processing Fee Upto 2%
Low Processing fee
hdfc-bank-icon Kotak Mahindra Bank
Max. Loan Amt. Up to ₹10L
Rate of Interest 10.99% - 36%
Tenure up to Upto 6 Years
Processing Fee Upto 3%
Lowest Income requirement 100% Digital Process*
hdfc-bank-icon IDFC First Bank
Max. Loan Amt. Up to ₹1Cr
Rate of Interest 10.99% - 23.99%
Tenure up to Upto 5 Years
Processing Fee Upto 2%
Max Loan Amount 100% Digital Process*
hdfc-bank-icon ICICI Bank
Max. Loan Amt. Up to ₹50L
Rate of Interest 10.65% - 16%
Tenure up to 1-6 Years
Processing Fee Upto 3%
100% Digital Process* Quick Disbursal

HDFC Bank Personal Loan

HDFC Bank customises the offering for you, no matter why you need a personal loan. If you are already a customer and have an HDFC Bank account, then you can benefit from special rates, charges and offers.

Interest Rate 10.65% p.a. onwards
Loan Amount Up to Rs 1 Cr.
Tenure Up to 6 years
Minimum Monthly Salary Rs 25,000
Age 21-60 years
Credit Score At least 700
Processing Fee Up to Rs 4,719

ICICI Bank Personal Loan

A leading bank in personal loans, ICICI offers an amazing interest rate and also extends personal loans to serve the varied financial requirements of its borrowers. For selected existing customers, the bank offers overdraft facility, pre-approved offers and top up loan facility. The pre-approved offers feature minimal paperwork and 3-second disbursals.

Interest Rate 10.95% p.a. onwards
Loan Amount Up to Rs 1 Cr.
Tenure 1 - 6 years
Minimum Monthly Salary Rs 30,000
Age 23-58 years
Processing Fee Up to 1% of loan amount
Credit Score At least 700

Axis Bank Personal Loan

Axis Bank’s Personal Loan is designed to effortlessly meet your various personal requirements such as travel, sudden medical emergency, wedding and much more. The Axis bank also extends pre-approved offers to its selected existing customers. The offers provide the facility of digital processing and instant approvals. Axis Bank has also collaborated with My Mudra to extend its select customers pre-qualified offers.

Interest Rate 10.75% p.a. onwards
Loan Amount Up to Rs 40 lakh
Tenure 12 - 84 months
Minimum Monthly Salary Rs 25,000
Age 21 - 60 years
Processing Fee Up to 1.5% of Loan Amount
Credit Score At least 700

Kotak Mahindra Bank Personal Loan

Kotak Mahindra Bank provides the personal loans only to the salaried employees. Kotak Mahindra Bank also offers an overdraft facility, hence giving borrowers the flexibility of withdrawing their funds anytime and repaying the amount as per customers convenience.

Interest Rate 10.75% p.a. onwards
Loan Amount Up to Rs 90 lakh
Tenure Up to 6 years
Minimum Monthly Salary Rs 30,000
Age 21 - 60 years
Processing Fee Up to 1% of loan amount
Credit Score At least 700

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan

There are various personal loan schemes offered by IndusInd Bank, including wedding loan, home renovation loan, loan for medical emergencies and loan for education.

Interest Rate 10.49% p.a. onwards
Loan Amount Rs 30,000 - Rs 50 lakh
Tenure 1 to 6 years
Minimum Monthly Salary Rs 25,000
Age Salaried: 21-60 years
Processing Fee Up to 1 - 1.5% of the sanctioned loan amount
Credit Score At least 700

Which banks to prefer for this loan

Bank Rate Of Interest
hdfc-bank-logo 10.65%
indusind-bank-logo 10.49%
iciciBank-logo 10.95%
kotak-logo 10.75%
axis-bank-logo 10.75%

Personal Loan – Fees and Charges

While the fees and charges of personal loans usually vary widely depending on lender and the credit profile of the loan applicants, the following table will give you a fair idea of the personal loan fees and charges levied by the lenders:

Particulars Charges
Loan Processing Fees 0.5% to 4% of loan amount
Pre-payment/Part-payment/Foreclosure Charges For Floating Rate: Nil For Fixed Rate: Usually around 2% - 5% on the principle outstanding
Stamp Duty Charges As per actuals
Legal Fees As per actuals
EMI/Cheque Bounce Around Rs 400 per bounce
Personal Loan EMI Calculator

An Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) calculator is a digital metre which shows the calculation of your monthly EMIs, a simple online tool that makes EMI calculation very easy and fast.

To get the results from the personal loan EMI calculator, you just have to provide three basic information related to the loan that has to be availed: loan amount, repayment tenure (in years), and rate of interest. After providing the details press Enter button and you will know your EMI calculation instantly.

This EMI calculation process will help you plan your budget so that before the due date you can pay your EMIs on time.

Break up of total payment
Loan Amount
Rate of Interest
Tenure (In Months)
Total Payable Amount:
Monthly EMI:

Factors Affecting Personal Loan EMI

An Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) is a fixed amount that you pay every month throughout the tenure period. The EMI remains constant throughout the tenure period.

Three major factors affecting the personal loan EMIs are mentioned below:

  • Principal Amount of Loan: The principal amount is directly proportional to your EMI, higher the loan amount, the higher will be the EMI.
  • Rate of Interest: Personal loan EMIs get affected with every increment in the interest rates.
  • Tenure: Longer tenure on your loans means lower EMIs. Which leads to overall interest cost on the loan.

Unlock Best Personal Loan Offers From My Mudra

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Consider Availing Personal Loans from My Mudra for these reasons

When looking for a personal loan, borrowers compare offers from different lenders. While one can check the availability of personal loan offers by individually visiting websites of various banks and NBFCs. However, My Mudra will make the process faster, easier and more convenient.

Here are a few more reasons to apply for personal loans through My Mudra:

  • Get access to the offers from 20+ partner banks and NBFCs, allowing you to check and compare personal loan options very conveniently.
  • My Mudra collaborates with the most trustworthy and authorized financial institutions in our country, ensuring reliability and credibility.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free online application process with My Mudra, making it simple and convenient for you to apply for a personal loan
  • There is full transparency throughout the process, as My Mudra bridges the gap between the customers and Bank/NBFCs seamlessly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions On Personal Loan

Which bank is providing the cheapest Personal Loan in India?

HDFC is providing the cheapest Personal Loan in India starting at an interest rate of 10.25% P.A.

What is the interest rate for Personal Loan?

Personal loan with lowest interest rate is available, the interest rate for the personal loan starts from 10.25% P.A.

What is the process of Personal Loan?

Get fast approval personal loan through My Mudra. Borrowers can get their documentation done online and can get instant approval and disbursement of personal loan.

What is the eligibility criteria for Personal Loan?

A Person having minimum salary of Rs.25,000 with a CIBIL Score of more than 700 is eligible for the personal loan.

Is Personal Loan secured or unsecured Loan?

Personal Loan is an unsecured loan because it does not require any collateral or security.

What is the minimum salary needed to get a personal loan?

The minimum salary required to get a personal loan is Rs. 25,000 per month.

What is processing fees and how can I calculate it?

Processing fees is the charged amount by the lenders for loan, which varies from bank to bank, which is about 1% of the total loan amount.
Processing fees= 1% of total loan amount loan + GST.

What banks provide personal loans in India?

There are many banks in India who provide personal loans with different loan amounts and interest rates. Some of the listed banks are: HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank & many more.

What is the difference between a secured and unsecured personal loan?

Security requires the borrower to provide Collateral or security for the loan amount where an unsecured loan doesn't require the border word to provide any Collateral to get a loan.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow with a personal loan?

The personal loan amount varies from bank to bank. The maximum amount a borrower can avail is 1 Cr. provided by many banks in India.

How can I calculate my EMI?

You can calculate your EMI through EMI calculator just by providing basic loan information.

Why should I choose my mudra for applying for a personal loan?

My Mudra helps you to get your urgent personal loan in India in a minimal time and  assisting the needful in getting a personal loan online with the lowest interest rate as per your requirement.

What is the tenure of a personal loan?

Tenure or repayment period helps you to manage your monthly installment,the maximum tenure of personal loan is 84 months.

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