No Collateral Required


18% R.O.I


Minimal Documentation

How Credifyn
Instant Loan works?

Credifyn instant loans are the perfect solution for your financial shortfalls where Salaried users can avail loans up to 10 lakhs and Self Employed business owners can avail loans up to 15 Crs to quench their financial thirst easily. 

Get Instant Loans hassle-free from Credifyn. Apply for the loan from Credifyn through My Mudra at the lowest interest rate with minimal documentation. Get a loan in 11 minutes, instant approval on your phone.

How Credifyn Instant Loan works?

Eligibility and Documentation
For Credifyn Instant Loan

Credifyn has set certain eligibility criteria for the people who are willing to take financial aid. Below is the detailed eligibility criteria for availing a loan from Credifyn. 


Citizenship: A borrower must be an Indian citizen. 

Credit Score: A borrower should have a Credit score above 600 to avail of the loan. 

Income: Monthly income of the borrower should be a minimum of Rs.20000. 

CIBIL Enquiry: Maximum CIBIL inquiry by the borrower in a month Not Applicable.

Documents required for Credifyn Instant Loan
Mentioned below is the list of documents required for the loan approval from Credifyn.
1. Pan Card
2. Aadhaar Card
3. Last six months' salary account statement.

Eligibility and Documentation For Credifyn Instant Loan

How to apply for
Credifyn Instant Loan?

The Process of availing of the loan from Credifyn is quite simple. Please check the procedure to get your loan approved within minutes from Credifyn.

  1. Visit the website www.mymudra.com
  2. Go to the section of Instant Loans.
  3. Select Instant Loan by Credifyn. A page will display on your screen. 
  4. Click on Apply Now and Fill in the required details.
  5. Click on Submit. You will receive a confirmation message on your registered phone.
  6. A screen will appear giving you information about the approved loan amount and interest rate.
  7. You will receive a confirmation message of the disbursal of Loan in your account.

How to apply for Credifyn Instant Loan?

Fees and Charges for Credifyn Instant Loan

Fees and Charges



3%-5% of the loan amount

Interest rate 

Starting from 18%-48% P.A

Credifyn Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Loan Amount



Interest Rate


Your Monthly loan emi Rs.23,537

Monthly amount paid to your loan provider

Interest rate

Total Payble Amount


your loan details as specified by you

Loan Amount
Interest Rate

Frequently Asked Questions
For Credifyn Instant Loan