My Mudra has laid its foundation with the dream of creating a financially stable society. Altering the mindset of people,from a loan as a burden to a loan as a planned decision. Started in 2013 and now has successfully left its footprints in every state with a total of more than 140+ branches My Mudra is the bridge between you and the banks which are preferred to take loans at the low-interest rates. We are your helpers in providing you with personal loans, home loans, and business loans. My Mudra is tied up with the top banks and NBFCs to assist you in every way possible in financial services. My Mudra is making the loan a planned decision rather than a burden on shoulders. Our team is going the extra mile to bring an optimistic change in the financial service market. We are here to make this world a financially aware and sustainable place to live. Narrowing the distance between in-depth financial products and a common man.


My Mudra has built with the vision to create a financially stable and financially aware society. We are making loans a planned decision and we are reshaping the orthodox mindset of people that money does not grow on trees. Money does grow on trees, you just need to plant the correct seed at the right time. With the current growth trend of My Mudra, we believe that the day of achievement of your target is not too far.



My Mudra has a presence in all the states of India Having more than 140+ branches. My Mudra has expanded itself with the thought to reduce the financial plight of People residing in remote areas by opening branches in Such areas. The organization is fortunate to have like-Minded people who are thinking of growing the Company.