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How Home
Loan Works?

My Mudra is the ultimate destination for people who are thinking of taking a home loan at the lowest interest rate. Providing Home Loan at 8.5% R.O.I with minimal documentation and quick disbursal in your account. Get the roof over your head and enter your dream home swiftly.

Let your dreams of owning a home become true with us.

How Home Loan Works?

Eligibility and Documentation
For Home Loan

Home Loan Eligibility Criteria and Documents required for Home Loan are mentioned below. 

Age:18 - 70 years

Income: Rs.25,000

Credit Score: Above 750

Employment Status: Both Salaried and Self-Employed

Documents required for Home Loan

1. Loan application form.

2. Identify proof

3. Bank Account Statement/Passbook for last 6 months.

4. Residence proof

5. Property detailed documents

Eligibility and Documentation For Home Loan

How to apply for
Home Loan

Home Loan from My Mudra can be applied by following the steps mentioned below. 

1. Apply for Home Loan online by clicking on the link and filling in the required details.

2. Our agent shall call you and give you a brief about the process of a Home Loan.

3. Complete the documentation online and track the status of your loan application through the My Mudra portal.

4. Get quick approval and disbursement of your Home Loan

How to apply for Home Loan

Which banks to apply for Home Loan


Interest Rate 


8.00% p.a. - 8.95% p.a.

IDFC First

7.5% p.a. onwards

Axis Bank

7.90% p.a. - 9.30% p.a.

Kotak Mahindra

9.5% p.a. onwards


11.50% to 25% p.a.


Home Loan EMI Calculator

Loan Amount



Interest Rate


Your Monthly loan emi Rs.23,537

Monthly amount paid to your loan provider

Interest rate

Total Payble Amount


your loan details as specified by you

Loan Amount
Interest Rate

Frequently Asked Questions
on Home Loan

What are the benefits of home loan?
Benefits of a Home Loan include: Access to a large amount of funds for purchasing a home. Lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans. Long repayment tenure for comfortable EMIs. Potential tax benefits on principal and interest payments. Build equity and asset ownership. Improve credit score through timely repayments. Financial stability and security of owning a home.
What is RERA Act?
The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) is a legislation in India that aims to regulate the real estate sector. It promotes transparency, protects the interests of homebuyers, establishes a regulatory authority, mandates timely project completion, and ensures fair practices in the real estate industry.
What are the factors that impact EMI of a Home Loan?
Several factors influence the Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for a Home Loan: Loan amount and interest rate. Loan tenure or repayment period. Type of interest rate (fixed or floating). Down payment or loan-to-value ratio. Credit score and borrower's creditworthiness. Market conditions and lender's policies. Prepayment or foreclosure options.
How to Calculate the EMI for Home Loan?
The formula to calculate the Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for a Home Loan is: EMI = (P x R x (1+R)^N) / ((1+R)^N - 1) Where: P = Loan principal amount R = Monthly interest rate (Annual interest rate divided by 12 and expressed as a decimal) N = Loan tenure in months Alternatively, you can use online EMI calculators or consult with your lender to determine the EMI amount based on the loan details.
What are the documents required for Home Loan?
Mentioned below are the documents required for Home Loan Loan application form. Identify proof Bank Account Statement/Passbook for last 6 months. Residence proof Property detailed documents