No Collateral Required


11% R.O.I


Less Documentation

How Loan
For CA Works?

CA loans can be given to all CA professionals based on their degrees or income. The loan for CA offered on the degree of CAs is known as the degree surrogate while the one offered on the income is known as the income surrogate. My Mudra offers CA loan up to 75 lakhs with a tenure period of 96 months and multiple variants to be chosen by the applicant. The interest rate of Loan for CA starts from 11% P.A.

Get chartered accountant loan up to 20 lakhs instantly at attractive interest rate.

How Loan For CA Works?

Eligibility and Documentation
For CA Loan

To get a chartered accountant loan, it's important to know what makes you eligible and the documents you need. Here in the following we have mentioned all the required eligibility and documents for CA loan in detail:

1. Nationality: The candidate should have citizenship in India to apply for a CA loan.

2. Age: The age of the applicant should be between 22 years- 72 years for loan for a CA.

3. CIBIL Score: Boast your CIBIL score and increase the chances of approval of a loan for CA. Usually, a CIBIL score higher than 700 is considered to be eligible for applying for CA loan.


Mentioned below are the documents required for Chartered Accountant loan:

1. Voter ID

2. Aadhaar card

3. PAN card

4. Bank Details for the last three months

5. Certificate of Practice

Eligibility and Documentation For CA Loan

How to apply for
CA Loan

Chartered Accountant Loan from My Mudra can be applied by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Apply for CA Loan online by clicking on the link and filling in the required details.

2. Our agent shall call you and give you a brief about the process of a Professional Loan for CA.

3. Complete the documentation online and track the status of your loan application through the My Mudra portal.

4. Get quick approval and disbursement of your CA Loan.

How to apply for CA Loan

Which banks to apply for CA Loan


Rate of Interest 

Bajaj Finserv 

10.50% - 17% P.A

HDFC Bank 

12.50% - 15.65%

Axis Bank

12%-24% P.A

IDFC Bank 

12% R.O.I


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Frequently Asked Questions
on Loan for CA

What is a Chartered Accountant Loan?
A CA Loan is the one which is provided to all the chartered accountants either on their degree and or in their income.
What are the benefits of CA Loan?
A CA Loan will help the chartered accountants to get financial assistance at the low interest rate.
What is the interest rate of CA Loan?
The interest rate for the CA Loan starts from 10.25% P.A.
What are the types of CA Loan?
There are majorly two types of CA Loan. The first one is the degree surrogate, loan given on the degree and the other one is the income surrogate loan given on the income of the chartered accountant.
How can we apply for CA Loan?
Apply for CA Loan by clicking on apply button. Fill in the required information and complete the documentation. Enjoy quick approval and disbursal from My Mudra.