No Collateral Required


Rate Of Interest starting from 14%


Minimal Documentation

How Personal
Overdraft Facility works?

In Personal Overdraft Facility, a bank, NBFC, or any other financial institution allows the account holder to withdraw an amount even if it is not available in his or her bank account. A borrower takes interest rate on the amount withdrawn by the borrower.

The Interest rate of Personal Loan Overdraft starts from 12.99%. A tenure for the OverDraft Facility can be extended upto 84 months. My Mudra assuring instant approval of Personal OverDraft within hours to your back account.


How Personal Overdraft Facility works?

Eligibility and Documentation
For Personal Overdraft

The Eligibility Criteria for the Personal Loan Overdraft Facility is mentioned below:

1. Nationality: Indian

2. Age: 23 years- 60 years.

3. Salary: Minimum 40,000

4. Fixed Income Obligation (FOIR): Maximum 50%

5. CIBIL Score: 700 or higher

Documentation required for Overdraft Facility

Mentioned below are the documents required by the borrowers.

1. Pan Card

2. Aadhaar Card

3. Voter ID Card

4. Passport

5. Rent Agreement

6. Registered Lease Deed

7. Electricity Bill

Eligibility and Documentation For Personal Overdraft

How to apply for
Personal Overdraft Facility?

My Mudra is a one-stop solution for OverDraft Facility. Know the process of Personal Loan OverDraft Facility with My Mudra by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Apply for the OverDraft Facility online on the My Mudra portal.

2. Our executive shall call you for the documentation and shall guide you through the process of the loan.

3. Get the documentation done online and track the status of your loan on the My Mudra portal.

4. The approval and disbursement status of your loan can be checked online.

5. Enjoy quick disbursal of the loan from My Mudra.

How to apply for Personal Overdraft Facility?

Which banks to apply for Personal Overdraft Facility


Interest Rate for OverDraft Facility

HDFC Bank 

15%-18% P.A


16% P.A

Kotak Mahindra Bank

12.75% P.A

Tata Capital

13.50% P.A


Personal OD EMI Calculator

Loan Amount



Interest Rate in %


Your Monthly loan emi Rs.23,537

Monthly amount paid to your loan provider

Interest rate in %

Total Payble Amount


your loan details as specified by you

Loan Amount
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Frequently Asked Questions
on Personal Loan Overdraft

What is the process for a personal Overdraft facility?
A Person can get an Overdraft Facility by submitting the required documents online in their bank. Usually it takes 2-3 business days for the approval of Overdraft Facility.
What is the minimum interest rate on Personal Loan Overdraft Facility?
The minimum interest rate on Over Draft facility is 13% R.O.I.
What are the documents required for the OverDraft Facility?
A person needs following documents for OverDraft Facility. Pan Card Aadhaar Card Voter ID Card Passport Rent Agreement Registered Lease Deed Electricity Bill
What are the benefits of the Overdraft facility?
Quick access to funds, flexibility in usage and repayment, cost-effective for short-term needs, interest charged only on utilized amount, no collateral requirement, potential relationship building with banks.
What is the minimum age requirement for an Overdraft facility?
The minimum age required for Overdraft Facility 21 Years.