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How Personal Loan
in Telangana work?

Telangana is one of the states of India that has many industries and opens multiple opportunities for the youth. Living in the state requires good financial planning, but there are times when people run out of money. To tackle that situation well we all need personal loans. A personal Loan is a type of unsecured loan that is offered by multiple banks and NBFCs to people who are facing financial difficulties in their life.

Personal Loans can be used for multiple purposes like weddings, holidays, medical emergencies, and other personal reasons. The interest rate for a personal loan varies as per the eligibility criteria of a person. A person who is willing to opt for a Personal Loan in Telangana should have a CIBIL Score of more than 700. Personal Loan borrowers should have stable income proof and must have KYC Documents.

How Personal Loan in Telangana work?

Personal Loan Eligibility
Criteria in Telangana

The eligibility criteria for Personal Loans for people living in Telangana are mentioned below.

1. Income Proof: The person should have a minimum salary of more than Rs. 20000 if he or she wants to take the Personal Loan.
2. CIBIL Score: A person should have a CIBIL score of more than 700 if you want to take a personal loan.
3. Age: 21 years - 68 years
4. Employment Status: Borrower must be employed for at least 2-5 years or you must have been running a business for 2-5 years.
5. Tenure: The time period of the loan is between 5-7 years.

Documents Required for Personal Loan Application in Telangana

1. Identity proof
2. Address proof
3. Bank statement of previous 3 months
4. Passbook of previous 6 months

Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria in Telangana

How to apply for the
Personal Loan in Telangana?

1. My Mudra provides multiple options for a willing person to apply for a Personal Loan. A borrower can either apply through the My Mudra portal or can give us a call on our number.

2. Our agent will give you a call to guide you through the process of a Personal Loan.

3. Get your documentation complete within hours. Also, get the approval of the Personal in your mail instantly.

4. The loan shall be disbursed to your account.

5. You can track the status of your Personal Loan through the My Mudra portal.

How to apply for the Personal Loan in Telangana?

Which Banks to Apply for the Personal Loan in Telangana

There are many Private Loan Providers in Telangana. It is advisable that a borrower must be aware of the interest rate of the lenders and then opt for the Bank offering the lowest interest rates. Mentioned below is the list of top banks and NBFCs that are providing instant Personal loans in Telangana. 


Rate of Interest

HDFC Bank 


IndusInd bank 


Standard Chartered 


Axis Bank 


Kotak Mahindra 



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