No Collateral Required


13% -14% R.O.I


Minimal Documentation

How does Loan for Doctors
in India Work?

Professional Loan for Doctors or Loan for a Doctor is one that is offered by the bank, NBFC, or any other financial institution to any person holding a doctor's degree. Loans for doctors can be provided to any doctor on their degree or financial income. The loan can be given to a doctor either on their degree or on their income. Opt for the best possible option to apply for a doctor loan online from drop line OD, term loan.

My Mudra is offering a loan for a doctor with quick disbursal in your account. The doctor loan is within reach of every doctor and doctor’s clinic. Get professional loan for doctors approved with minimal documentation of up to 75 lakhs with a click and become eligible for doctor loan eligibility.

How does Loan for Doctors in India Work?

Doctor Loan Eligibility
and Documentation

One must be eligible before applying for a professional loan for doctors. Mentioned below are the doctor loan eligibility criteria:

1. Nationality: The candidate should have citizenship in India to apply for a doctor loan online.

2. Age: The age of the applicant for a doctor loan should be between 22 years- 72 years.

3. CIBIL Score: Boost your CIBIL score and increase the chances of approval of a loan for doctors. Usually, a CIBIL score higher than 700 is considered to be eligible for applying for a doctor loan.

4. Work Experience: Besides the doctorate degree a candidate must have a minimum of 2 years of experience as a doctor to meet the doctor loan eligibility criteria.

Documents required for Professional Loan for Doctors

1. KYC documents: An applicant should have all the documents like Voter ID, Aadhaar card, PAN card, and bank details for doctor loan eligibility.

2. Degree: The applicant must have a doctorate degree to apply for a doctor loan.

3. Income Proof: Salary Slips for the last three months are required to verify your income for professional loan for doctors.

Doctor Loan Eligibility and Documentation

How to apply for
Loan for Doctor

A professional loan for a doctor from My Mudra can be applied by following the steps mentioned below.

1. Apply for a doctor loan online by clicking on the link and filling in the required details.

2. Our agent shall call you and give you a brief about the process of a loan for doctors.

3. Complete the documentation online and track the status of your doctor loan application through the My Mudra portal.

4. Get quick approval and disbursement of your doctor loan.

How to apply for Loan for Doctor

Which banks to apply for Doctor's Loan

Banks/ NBFCs 

Rate of Interest 


10.75% P.A

Axis Bank

10.49% P.A


10.75% P.A

Standard Chartered Bank

11.99% P.A.

Doctor Loan EMI Calculator

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Interest Rate


Your Monthly loan emi Rs.23,537

Monthly amount paid to your loan provider

Interest rate

Total Payble Amount


your loan details as specified by you

Loan Amount
Interest Rate

Frequently Asked Questions
on a Loan for Doctors

What is the interest rate for Doctor Loan?
The interest rate for Doctor Loan starts from 10.25% P.A.
What are the benefits of Doctor Loan?
Doctor Loan can help doctors in construction of the clinic, expanding their services. The loan is available on least interest rate starting from 10.25%.
Which bank to prefer for Doctor Loan?
Many Banks and NBFCs are providing Doctor Loan, My Mudra is providing Doctor Loan at 10.25%.
What are the documents required for Doctor Loan?
A person can get the Doctor Loan by submitting the income proof, degree and Aadhaar Card and PAN Card.
What is the Emi for 10 lakhs of Doctor Loan?
The EMI for 10 Lakh rupees of Doctor Loan shall be Rs.32,385 for 3 years.