The four C’s of loan

"CIBIL Maintenance,Comparing the interest rates,Choose the shorter tenure for repayment of the loan.Check for the charges"

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Published: 23 November 2022

Updated: 19 September 2023

The loan is not a burden it is a bolder step toward a planned future. A perfect life is a myth, life is an amalgamation of ups and down. The real point is how managed we are when we are facing the low phase in life. Many times we run out of money and have unannounced expenses, or restrict ourselves to do something because of money. We are afraid of taking loans, and the reason for this is different for different people. But in a nutshell, we all know that financial help can help us to solve the misery of life. All you need is to make the best financial choice that can pave the path to success in your life.  Read the full article to grasp the gist of how to make loans a planned option.

Follow the four C’s to make a wiser loan choice.

CIBIL Maintenance

CIBIL is an often-used word that might create problems while filling out and approving a loan. It is actually a three-digit numerical summary of an individual’s credit history. This score is derived from Credit Information Report. It is made as per the history of payment done by an individual across all loan types and all credit institutions. Usually, a score greater than 700 is considered to be a good CIBIL Score if you are thinking about taking a loan.

Comparing the interest rates

Every private and government bank offers loans at different interest rates. The task of choosing the correct bank is a bit tricky. My Mudra Fincorp Pvt Ltd is the one-stop solution that can help you in choosing the right bank which offers loans as per your requirements. We have an experience of over 16 years in the domain and we are proficient with our work.

Choose the shorter tenure for repayment of the loan.

The longer the tenure shorter will be the EMI but also one must pay more amount as interest. The shorter the tenure, EMI would be a bit higher but one will be paying a much lesser amount as interest to the financial institution. Manage the EMIs wisely so that with shorter tenure and higher EMI you will be free from the loans rapidly.

Check for the charges

This is one thing that is usually ignored by borrowers and they tend to fall for the trap and pay larger amounts. This is advisable to read all the documents in prior and to understand all the terms and conditions carefully. For instance, banks and financial institutions charge extra charges for the prepayment of the loan. My Mudra is providing full assistance to people who are willing to take loans and are not aware of the rules and regulations.


We understand that the process of filling and disbursement of loans is grinding and it becomes more problematic for the person who has less knowledge of banking. My Mudra is assisting every person who requires financial help. We are connecting you to the bank that is offering loans at the lowest interest rates as per your conditions. We are tied up with renowned banks and NBFCs that can help you to satisfy your financial needs. We are committed to helping you since 2006 with the aim to relieve your financial stress. 

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