Reasons for Personal Loan Rejection

"A personal loan application may be rejected due to many reasons. Read our blog to learn the common reasons for personal loan rejection and how to avoid it."

Reasons for Personal Loan Rejection

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Published: 23 October 2023

Updated: 23 October 2023

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that is given to the eligible applicant. However, a person who is applying for a personal loan should go through the reasons for personal loan rejection to avoid the personal loan rejection. If you apply for a personal loan from a particular lender, then a personal loan comes with certain eligibility criteria that a borrower needs to pass for the quick approval of the personal loan. The important point here is that a personal loan does not require less documentation, but a person needs to complete the formalities to get a personal loan smoothly. The possible loan rejection reasons include not completing the documentation, less CIBIL Score, a high debt-to-income ratio, or more.

This article will explore all the possible reasons for personal loan rejection. This article shall be a helping hand for you if you are thinking of taking a personal loan. Avoid these mistakes and get your personal loan application approved and the loan amount disbursed in a timely manner. Let's start the journey of personal loans.

Points that Lenders Consider for Personal Loan Rejection

Here are the top points that can lead to the rejection of personal loans. Avoid these reasons and increase your chances of getting a personal loan. A personal loan can become an easy squeezy task if you avoid these points.

1. Low Credit Score

A credit score is an important considerable factor for lenders while they are accessing the personal loan application of the borrower. A borrower with a credit score of more than 700 is likely to get their personal loan approved easily.

A Credit score is a three-digit number that predicts the credibility of a person. It ranges from 300-900. Usually, a person who has not taken anything on credit has a -1 credit score and it is difficult to get a personal loan in such situations. Banks and NBFCs cannot guess whether a person can repay a loan. Moreover, if your credit score is less than 700, it predicts that you cannot repay your loan or have been a previous loan defaulter. This becomes one of the main reasons behind personal loan rejection. Maintain your credit score above 700 to get your personal loan instant approval.

2. Less Income

Income is one of the prominent factors behind personal loan rejection. The minimum income requirement for a personal loan is Rs.20000. A person earning at least Rs. 20000 is eligible for getting a personal loan approved and disbursed. A lender needs a person who has a stable income proof. To get to know a person's income proof, a lender usually asks for salary slips and bank statements. It is good to keep these documents handy to process the loan application smoothly.

3. Wrong details filled in the personal loan application

Another reason for personal loan rejection is filling in the wrong details in the personal loan application. There are times when a person does not know what to do and how to fill in the information on the personal loan application. At that time, it is good to connect with some financial service provider agencies. One of them is My Mudra, the company shall brings you the best financial service providers that will provide you with a personal loan. The company has tied up with the banks and the NBFCs and hence makes the process of personal loan smoother.

It is good to connect with such agencies, it shall help you with the process and these can become a helping hand to you in your hard times. Search for the financial service provider and make your personal loan a cakewalk.

4. Unstable Job

An unstable job situation can be a compelling reason for personal loan rejection. When one's employment is uncertain or subject to fluctuations, financial stability becomes a significant concern. Personal loans can serve as a lifeline during these times, providing a financial cushion to cover essential expenses, such as medical bills, education, or unexpected emergencies.

For individuals with irregular income or part-time employment, securing traditional loans can be challenging due to strict eligibility criteria. However, personal loans are often more accessible, as they rely on creditworthiness rather than a steady job. This flexibility can offer temporary relief to those facing job instability, allowing them to bridge financial gaps and maintain their quality of life.

It's essential to note that while personal loans can be a valuable resource, they should be used judiciously. Borrowers must manage their finances wisely, budget effectively, and have a clear repayment plan in place to ensure that the loan doesn't exacerbate their financial instability in the long run. In summary, personal loans can be a viable option for individuals with unstable job situations, providing financial support during challenging times, but they should be handled responsibly to avoid further financial strain.

5. Pending Loans in your name

The presence of pending loans in your name can be a significant factor leading to the rejection of a personal loan application. Lenders carefully assess your creditworthiness when considering loan applications, and existing debt obligations can raise concerns.

When you have outstanding loans, it signals that you are already committed to making regular payments, which reduces your capacity to take on additional financial responsibilities. Lenders are wary of granting personal loans to individuals who appear to be overleveraged or struggling to meet their current financial obligations. The more significant the pending loans, the higher the risk perception for lenders, making them hesitant to extend further credit.

Additionally, your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) plays a crucial role in loan rejection reasons or becomes a barrier in the rejection of personal loans. High levels of existing debt relative to your income can negatively impact your DTI, making it less likely for lenders to approve your personal loan request. To improve your chances of approval, it's advisable to either reduce your existing debts or increase your income to lower your DTI. Alternatively, you could consider applying for a personal loan after some of your existing loans have been paid off or refinanced.


The above article lists all the reasons for personal loan rejections that become a barrier to the approval of personal loans. Rectify these problems if you want to apply for a personal loan. My Mudra is your destination if you want to apply for loans. We are providing you with the best solutions for loans. If you have a low credit score then get something finance and boost your CIBIL Score. If you have less income then get a guarantor for a personal loan. Fill out your personal loan application carefully before applying for the personal loan. If you have a pending loan application then get it completed before time and without delaying any EMI. Make personal loans a cakewalk with us.

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