Personal Loan for Salaried with Low CIBIL Score

"Learn how to get a personal loan for salaried with a low CIBIL score. Explore expert tips and solutions for loan approval from My Mudra."

Personal Loan for Salaried with Low CIBIL Score

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Published: 25 August 2023

Updated: 7 February 2024

A personal Loan for a low CIBIL Score is no longer a problem. A borrower can get an instant personal loan for a low CIBIL Score online within hours. A personal loan is an unsecured loan that is provided to borrowers who pass the eligibility criteria set by the Banks and the NBFCs. Usually to get the personal loan approved one must have a good CIBIL Score, stable employment, and income above 20000 minimum per month. However certain lenders have eased the eligibility criteria for a personal loan and are providing online personal loans for low CIBIL scores.

Unsecured Loans are the ones that do not need any collateral to be pledged for taking financial aid. These loans are offered solely based on your creditworthiness, hence the lenders are seeking borrowers that have good credit scores, stable employment of at least 3 years, and an income of above 20000 per month. The article is an attempt to provide you with the best solutions for personal loans for people who have low CIBIL Scores.

Why is CIBIL Score important for Personal Loans?

CIBIL Score is the three-digit number that depicts the creditworthiness of the person. It ranges from 300 to 900, the higher the CIBIL Score the greater the capability of the person to repay the loan on time. Banks usually seek the repaying capacity of the borrower through the credit score.

It acts as a crucial reflection of your creditworthiness, showcasing your history of responsible credit management.

A favorable CIBIL Score enhances your chances of loan approval and secures better terms, including lower interest rates and higher borrowing limits. Conversely, a lower score might lead to loan rejections or less favorable conditions. Maintaining a healthy CIBIL Score is pivotal for unlocking the advantages of seamless loan acquisition and ensuring sound financial footing.

Best Solutions for Personal Loans for Low CIBIL Score

Choose Low Loan Amount Personal Loan

Opt for a low loan amount Personal Loan to manage your finances prudently. Borrow only what you need to cover essential expenses, reducing the repayment burden. This approach ensures easier repayment, lower interest costs, and quicker financial freedom. Make wise choices for a secure financial future. When you opt for the low loan amount then it becomes easier for the lender to get the loan approved.
Besides this, many lenders are helping borrowers to get a personal loan approved online. Apply for a Personal Loan from Credifyn and get a personal loan for a low CIBIL score. Or you can apply for a Personal loan from Faircent and get the loan approved in no time.

Choose NBFCs with relaxing Terms and Conditions to improve the CIBIL Score

Certain NBFCs are providing Personal loans at relaxing eligibility criteria. L&T Finance provides instant personal loans without any income proof. So if you are unable to provide income proof then it is highly recommended to apply for a personal loan from L&T Finance.
Personal Loan for Low CIBIL Score is provided by NBFCs like Faircent. It is an NBFC that provides online personal loans for low CIBIL scores. You can directly apply for a Personal Loan from Faircent and get instant approval and disbursement. 
Apart from this, personal loan for low CIBIL scores is also provided by Credifyn. People can apply directly for a personal loan, get soft approval, and can get the disbursement of the loan within hours. Credifyn is helping people in their financially unstable times.

NA or NH Case

The period of inactivity in the credit score is referred to as the NA or NH. It is always considered to have a one-to-one talk with the concerned bank or NBFC and explain the reason for inactivity. It is possible that the personal loan with a high interest rate shall be approved without any worries. Also if you think your credit score has some faults then get it rectified with the concerned department online.

Guarantor or taking Joint Loan

Becoming a guarantor or opting for a joint loan with someone who has a low CIBIL score is a financial decision that demands careful consideration. A low credit score often signifies a history of missed payments or financial instability, which can increase the risk associated with the loan.

When you become a guarantor, you essentially pledge to repay the loan if the primary borrower defaults. This means you're taking on their financial burden. Your own credit score might also be impacted if the borrower fails to meet their obligations. Therefore, trust and confidence in the borrower's commitment to repay are crucial.

Choosing a joint loan, on the other hand, means you and the primary borrower share equal responsibility for the debt. While this can potentially improve their chances of approval, it also links your credit profiles. This joint association can impact your future borrowing capacity, as it considers both applicants' credit histories.

Before proceeding, carefully assess the borrower's financial discipline, the purpose of the loan, and the terms and conditions. Seek legal and financial advice to fully understand your responsibilities and exit options if needed. Ultimately, being a guarantor or co-borrower on a loan with a low CIBIL score should only be undertaken after thorough deliberation and when you are prepared for the potential financial consequences.


Some NBFCs are providing loans at a low CIBIL Score. These NBFCs have relaxing terms and conditions for the loans. You can apply for the instant personal loan and make it a planned decision. A Loan with a Low CIBIL Score is possible, but it is advisable to maintain your CIBIL Score so that you can get the loans easily at your terms and conditions. Make the loan a planned decision rather than a burden on your shoulders.

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