Business Loan v/s Equity Financing

"Get detailed information on business loans and equity financing. Get to know which one to choose between business loans and equity financing. The article shall brief you on business loans and equity financing."

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Published: 20 March 2023

Updated: 19 September 2023


The business will give you profit if your idea has worth and you have perseverance in the efforts. 

Businesses run with the perfect idea, a good team, efforts, and innovation. There are times when the business run out of money and a business owner should make a decision for instant finance for business. Apart from this, business owners need finance to expand their businesses. Financial instability is not new to any business but the point is how an owner is handling a financial crunch. 

The article shall help you to understand the two ways that can help business owners to face a financial crunch like a cakewalk. Eradicating the barrier of financial insecurity and paving the way to success for any business is the ultimate goal. Many banks and NBFCs are providing financial aid the businesses for continuous growth without making money a barrier. Check the requirements for business loan and your eligibility criteria before filing for the loan


Here are two of the ways by which a business can pass the hurdle of a financial crisis easily. 

What is business loan? 

The first and immediate solution for any financial problem faced by businesses is a business loan. Interest rate for business loan varies from one financial institution to another. A business loan could be secured which means it requires collateral to be presented as a security to the bank. Or it can be unsecured which means the loan does not require any collateral or security. The tenure of the business loan may be shorter starting from 12 months to 24 months while the long term extends up to 30 years. Get to know about the eligibility of business loans and the documents required for the business loan before applying for the same. 

An unsecured business loan can quench the financial thirst easily with minimal documentation and instant disbursal. They are based on majorly two factors credit score of a person, income, profitability of a business, etc. Boost the CIBIL score by more than 700 to increase your chances of getting an unsecured loan. Hence, a business loan can be a smart solution to pass the hurdle of financial stress. 

What is equity financing? 

Another popular way of raising finances for the business is equity financing. The meaning of equity financing is simpler, it means the capital can be raised capital but against which the business owner has to provide ownership right to the money lenders. Venture capitalists, private equity, and angel investors can help the business to provide finance in return for some part of a company. The financers or the investors should be aware of the decisions made in the company. With the growth in business, the value of the business grows and thus the profit for its investors. 

Equity financing vs Business Loan 

After knowing about two methods of financing, let us understand which one is perfect for your business. 


A business runs on capital to expand its operations or to start up with a new idea. The financial requirement is the first and foremost thing that needs to get sorted for running a business. A business loan can be a quick and easy way to get financial assistance at a certain rate of interest for a certain time period. It is advisable to check the EMI of a business loan using an EMI calculator. Choose the lender providing the least business loan interest rate. 

On the other hand, raising capital with the help of equity financing is a time-consuming process. Besides, research needs a lot of work which needs to be done and presented in front of different investors. Once the investors shall approve then only a company will get the required financial aid. 

Security of assets 

Unsecured business loans are approved without any collateral. But these loans are offered usually at a higher interest rate. But if you are thinking of taking a long-term loan at a lower interest rate then you should go for a secured business loan that asks for collateral to be presented as a security. 

Equity financing does not need any collateral if you are a small business owner. If you have interested investors then opt for equity financing. 

Ownership control 

Secured business loans are approved as per the assets presented by the business owners. The lender just has an asset as a security and has no say in the business. While in equity financing, an investor shall have a direct say and control over the decisions of the company. 


If a business owner or entrepreneur is opting for a business loan, then if the borrower is unable to repay the loan amount or any EMI, the company will be prone to a financial mistake. Default in loan payments shall affect the creditworthiness of the company. 

But if a business owner is choosing equity financing then the borrower is not under any obligation to pay any amount. It has become the responsibility of investors to make smart decisions that can pave the way for the growth of the company. But if the decisions go in vain then, investors have the right to sell off the company’s assets or change the management. 

Expertise in the business 

In the case of a business loan, the lender has no experience in the domain of the company, hence just the capital is added for the company. But in the case of equity financing the investor has the knowledge and hence, a company shall have added knowledge and experience. 


Equity financing or business loans both of the options have their pros and cons. Opt for the option that is most suitable for the company. My Mudra is providing financial assistance to the business owners to release their financial stress. Financial aid is a cakewalk with My Mudra which shall flourish your business. 


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