Best Tax Saving Strategies 2023

"Get to know about the best tax-saving strategies in 2023. Learn about the tips and tricks to save tax, section 80C, PPF, Equity-Linked saving techniques, national saving certificates, life insurance policies, national pension scheme, and home loans."

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Published: 3 March 2023

Updated: 18 September 2023


Taxes can be a burden on the shoulders of an individual but they are paving the way for a developed nation. The real question is, are we really understanding the taxes or just spending as asked by the chartered accountants? One can save money by taking advantage of the exemptions and deductions under the income tax act. This article explains all the tax-saving techniques that you can use in 2023.

The budget has been out and people are confused about the slabs and often think that how they can save more. There are many changes that the new budget 2023 has bought within and it is important for a common man to get a detailed description of the budget before poring their income as a tax in it. From investing in tax-saving things to claiming tax from loans, this article shall guide you to the practices that will help an individual to save on taxes. 

Tips for tax saving in budget 2023 under section 80C

Here are certain tips and tricks that you can use to save on taxes easily. Section 80C of the Income Tax act allows an individual to claim a deduction of Rs. 1.5 lakh made in certain instruments. Some of the most common tax saving options under section 80C are mentioned below.

  1. Public Provident Fund: It is a long-term saving scheme that provides a tax-free interest rate and a maturity period of 15 years.  
  2. National Savings Certificate: This is a savings account feature that allows the user to save with a maturity period of 15 years. 
  3. Equity Linked Saving Scheme: It is a kind of mutual fund that invests in equity shares. It has the potential for higher returns but also involves certain risks. 
  4. National Pension System: This is a retirement savings scheme that offers tax benefits to the individual and regular income after retirement. 
  5. Life Insurance Policies: Section 80C gives a tax break for the premium that a person shall pay on the life insurance policies. 

Education Loan 

  1. The interest paid on the education loan is entitled to tax deduction under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act. 
  2. The paid interest can be claimed for the deduction from the taxable income for eight financial years starting from the time of the first paid installment. 
  3. A person who has taken a loan on behalf of relatives can also claim a deduction under section 80C. 

Home loan 

There are certain benefits that a home loan borrower can avail following benefits. However, it is important that a property for which the loan has been taken must be in the name of the taxpayer or co-owned by the taxpayer. 

  1. The interest paid by an individual on a home loan can claim a tax deduction under section 24 of the Income Tax Act of India. A borrower can claim a maximum of INR 2 lakhs for the self-occupied property. 
  2. Besides this, an individual loan borrower claims a tax deduction with no upper limit on rented property on section 24 under the Income Tax of India. 
  3. Under the act, a home loan borrower can claim repayment of the principal amount, pre-payment with the maximum limit of 1.5 lakhs per financial year.

Additional benefits

  1. A salaried person can avail of a standard deduction of Rs. 50000. 
  2. The House Rent Allowance received in the salary is tax deductible with certain terms and conditions. 
  3. Medical expenses can be claimed under section 80D of the Income Tax act. 
  4. The donations to charitable organizations according to Section 80 G can get you a tax break.


The above article describes the way through which you can save on taxes. It shall also describes the tax deduction that a person avail of from loans. A loan besides giving you financial aid at the time of crunch can also save you from taxes. My Mudra is making it easy for people to take loans. We are providing financial assistance and assuring approval and disbursement within a day. Take a loan a planned decision with My Mudra.


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