My Mudra has been awarded by TATA Capital

Published : 13 July 2023
Updated : 24 May 2024
My Mudra has been awarded by TATA Capital

TATA is a brand name and a symbol of pride for every Indian. Their services have helped in the growth of India. Tata Capital is the financial services arm of the USD 108 billion Tata Group. Tata Capital is a Non-Banking Finance Company which is helping people in getting financial aid. They are dealing with products like Personal Loan, Overdraft Loan, Education Loan, etc. The organization is trying to make Loans easy for people who are facing a financial crisis. 

My Mudra is a leading fintech organization that is making loans a planned decision for people. It is a bridge between people who are in need of financial help and the lenders who are providing financial assistance. Recently, the organization has been awarded by TATA Capital for its transparent services in Personal Loan and Business Loan domain. 

The company has been awarded with the Gemini Award for Long Term Partnership in Business Loans. In addition to it, the organization has been awarded with Phoenix the rising star award for the Personal Loan domain in the financial year 2023-24. Awards are the driving force for motivation for employees. The vision of the organization is to make loans a planned decision and not a burden on shoulders. They are a helping hand in making a financially independent tomorrow.