IRDAI Removes Health Insurance Age Limitation

Published : 24 April 2024
Updated : 24 May 2024
IRDAI Removes Health Insurance Age Limitation

On April 20, 2024, IRDAI removed the age limitation on health insurance. Now, the 65-year-old age limit is removed for people purchasing health insurance policies in an effort to increase market access and provide complete protection.

Key Points

Comfortably Health Care Systems: The main goals of  program's are to increase the access to health insurance policy, protect people from unexpected medical bills, and provide an ideal health care environment. 

Change to Policy Eligibility criteria: Previously, people were limited to buying new insurance plans up until the age limit of 65. But now there is no age limitation on health policy and this change makes all age groups eligible for policy. 

Customize Health Care Services: As per the  requirements under the new modification, health insurance policies provided to the demands of various age categories such as retirees, students, parents, and expecting mothers must be offered by power insurers. 

Insurance for persons with already present healthcare conditions: Every person with already present healthcare conditions, including serious illnesses like cancer, heart or kidney failure, and AIDS, must have access to health benefits from insurance. 

Increased Flexibility: Benefit based policies give customers greater flexibility and choice by allowing them to apply to different companies for insurance multiple times and to pay their premiums in installments.

Senior Citizen skilled Channel: A dedicated channel will handle inquiries and complaints from senior citizens, ensuring a customized and attentive response to their particular needs.