Pros and Cons of a Business Loan Without Collateral

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Published: 15 December 2023

Updated: 15 December 2023

Business Loan without collateral is a financial product that has helped many Business owners. Business owners who face financial difficulties can avail of no collateral business loan facility. This facility can not only help the business to flourish but also help the owners to expand their businesses without any financial stress. Many Banks and NBFCs in India provide unsecured business loans to eligible borrowers. This article will guide people to understand how non-collateral business loans can be fruitful for the business. Apart from that the article shall also tell you about the other side of business loans without collateral.

Let's start from the basics, no collateral business loan or unsecured business loan is a financial product that can be taken by any business owner. This type of loan does not require any collateral and hence, a business owner can get financial aid without pledging any security to the bank or NBFCs. The interest rate for a business loan without collateral starts from 13% and can go up to 30% P.A. based on the eligibility criteria of a business owner. If a budding entrepreneur wants to take a business loan for a startup without collateral then one must have a complete knowledge of the pros and cons associated with it. Let's analyze deeply the positive and negative side of the unsecured business loans.

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured Business Loan or no collateral Business Loan is one that does not need any security for the approval and disbursal of the loan. A business owner can take a business loan without pledging any security. The interest rate of Unsecured Business Loans in India starts from 13% P.A. The Borrower needs to submit the required documents including KYC documents, company ownership documents, PAN Card of the company, Udhyam Certificate, Income Proof, Address Proof, and other documents to get the hassle-free approval of the Business Loan.

Entrepreneurs who are looking for business loans for startups without collateral or established Businessmen who want to take no collateral Business loans can easily avail of the loan through the Bank portal. Digitization has positively affected the financial industry and hence, one can avail of the loan through the bank portals and can complete the process from application to disbursement online.

Pros of Business Loan without collateral

Mentioned below are the advantages of availing the unsecured business loans.

  1. No Collateral Required: One of the major advantages of getting an unsecured Business loan is that it does not require any collateral. Hence, a person who did not have security (land, property, gold, etc) can also get the loan. Business needs constant growth and financial help without any collateral can help you to achieve heights of success for your business without pledging any security.

  2. Short Application: The application procedure for a Business Loan without Collateral is relatively simple. A borrower just needs to search for the lender that is providing no collateral business loan and can visit the website of the lender. After which one can fill in the application form online, complete documentation, and can also get the approval of the unsecured Business Loan.

  3. Assets have no control over the loan: A secured business loan or a business loan with collateral has direct control over the loan amount. The bank assesses your collateral and then as per the amount of pledged security, it shall provide you with the loan amount. But in the case of a non-collateral business loan as there is no collateral involved the loan amount that a lender is offering is purely based on the creditworthiness and stability of the business.

  4. Credit History: Credit History plays an important role in the approval of the unsecured loan for Business. Business owners having credit scores above 700 are likely to get the loans easily. No collateral Business Loan also helps you to build your credit score.

  5. Fast Approval: As already mentioned the process of a Business Loan without collateral is quite simple and so is the approval. Many banks and the NBFCs provide quick approval of the Business Loan. The facility of online quick approval of unsecured loans for Business is also given by many banks and NBFCs.

Cons of no collateral Business Loan

Every coin has two sides, and so do the Unsecured Business Loans. The cons of unsecured loans for Business are mentioned below.

  1. Interest Rate: The interest rate of the non-collateral business loan is a bit higher as compared to the secured business loan. The interest rate for the unsecured business starts from 13% P.A. As these loans do not require any collateral, banks charge higher interest on such loans. The banks also give the facility of flexible repayment on unsecured loans for business.

  2. Documentation: The borrower needs to submit lots of documents to get the unsecured loan. The document includes office address proof, GST statement, bank statement, PAN card, KYC document, relevant financial documents, home address proof, and much more. The lenders need these documents to verify the borrower's eligibility. NBFCs need less documentation to process an unsecured loan application.

  3. CIBIL Requirement: The requirement of the CIBIL Score is another problem that can arise while availing an unsecured loan for Business. As these loans are approved just based on creditworthiness and stability of income, a much-required condition is to have a CIBIL score of more than 700. The Businesses failing to pass this condition have low chances of getting the loan approved and disbursed.

Points to Keep in while availing the Unsecured Business Loan

  • Unsecured loans are processed more easily.

  • The funds are released into your account quickly.

  • There is greater flexibility.

  • Make sure you have a decent credit history and score.

  • Unsecured business loan rates are higher than for secured loans.

  • Check if the lender is offering flexible options for repayment.

  • Most unsecured business loans are offered for short terms.

  • You can apply for an online business loan without collateral in minutes.


An online business loan without collateral can be beneficial for business owners if they have a complete idea about the pros and cons associated with it. These types of loans are a great helping hand to people who have no collateral and need financial aid. Though these loans have higher interest rates they can repaid in flexible EMIs. The need for urgent finance can be easily fulfilled with such loans.

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