Are You Loan Qualified?

"Get detailed information on eligibility criteria for loan, requirements for applying for loan, considerable factors for loan, documents required for applying loan."

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Published: 3 February 2023

Updated: 19 September 2023

We are living in the country where getting financial assistance has become a strenuous task because of lack of awareness. Here is the small initiative to add up to the knowledge for the people who are willing to take loan. Boost your knowledge and move a step ahead in the path of achieving financial independence. Loan can become a ladder to achieve many dreams and aims. The financial institutions has set certain eligibility criteria for the people who are willing to take  loan. But due to unawareness, many time people left disheartened because of disapproval of the loan. Mentioned below is the list of criteria for loan approval. 

What are eligibility criteria for loan? 

Listed below are the loan qualifying factors or criteria for loan eligibility set by the banks, NBFCs or other financial institutions. 

·    Credit Score: Credit score is one of the considerable factor for determining the eligibility criteria for loan. It is a three-digit numeric code generated by the Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd. Usually a person having CIBIL score more than 700 has more chances of getting a loan. Boost your credit score to increase your chances of getting a loan. 

·     Income: How much loan amount you can get is determined by your monthly income. A person having minimum income of Rs. 20000 is eligible for getting a loan easily. But this depends upon a city you are living in and earning.

·    Debt-to-income ratio: Debt to income ratio is the calculation of your income divided by  the EMIs that a person is paying per month. The ideal debt-to-income ratio is less than 36%.

·     Age: A person having age 21 years is eligible for getting a loan in our country.

Documents required to qualify for a loan.

·   Duly filled loan application form: One of the required documents for a loan is duly filled application form. This document requires your personal details like cibil score, reason for applying loan, personal details. Carefully filled application form with correct information is the first step for the people who are applying for loan.

·     Identity Proof: Identity proof includes the KYC documents like voter ID, Adhaar Card, PAN Card details, passport size photograph.

·     Address Proof: A recent utility bill can fulfill the purpose of address proof for the people who are applying for loan.

·     Income Proof: How much you are earning is the general question that a bank official will ask you if you are thinking of applying for a loan. Recent three months salary slips will be required while applying for loan. 


My Mudra is growing with the vision of creating a financially stable society and changing the perspective of people who think loans are a burden on their shoulders. My Mudra shall change it into a loan, a planned decision that shall help you to quench your financial thirst quickly. Get to know are you loan qualified or not? Get details of the eligibility criteria of loan and be financially independent. Apply for a loan, get the documents done and enjoy a quick disbursal of loan. 


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