Get Online Business Loan up to ₹2 Crore

"Join Shalini's journey from dream to reality with a 2 crore online business loan from My Mudra. Explore instant funding insights and tips!"

Get Instant Business Loan up to ₹2 Crore

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Published: 21 May 2024

Updated: 21 May 2024

Securing an online business loan of 2 crore rupees can trigger questions about the feasibility and ease of access to online business loans. In this blog, I'm here to address these questions head-on. Through the narrative of an entrepreneur's journey, I'll put the light on the process and will provide insight into acquiring 2 crore instant business loan amounts for your business.

So beginning with the story of Shalini, an ambitious entrepreneur who never stopped in her journey and worked so hard day and night to build her business empire. She always had a vision to expand her business and grow it to another height. Shalini has always been a dedicated and enthusiastic businesswoman but here comes the main hurdle- to expand the business and to turn it into reality, she needed a substantial amount of capital. But she took this hurdle as a challenge and with full dedication, clear vision, and plan she started her journey to secure an instant business loan of 2 crore.

Her Vision

Shalini always saw the vision that her business was growing into a successful enterprise, serving customers far and wide. She had a deep knowledge of her business and knew all the marketing strategies to grow her business. She was all set to take a leap, but at the same time, she knew that to scale her operations she needed significant financial resources/funds.

Research to Get an Instant Business Loan Online

Shalini had a very clear vision but now she needs to research for it. She started extensive research by meticulously studying the various loan options available in the market, she compared the interest rate, tenure, repayment terms, collateral fee, and eligibility criteria. Along with the research she also prepared a detailed business plan for the proposal to the lenders so that they could easily provide her business loan after looking at her proposal. In her proposal, she outlined her growth strategy, and revenue projection and also mentioned how the achieved loan would be utilized to meet her business goals.

The Quest For Instant Business Loan

After doing so much research Shalini moved forward and approached several banks and financial institutions, with full enthusiasm and confidence she presented her business plans to the institutions but this hard work resulted in rejection after rejection. But even after the rejections she didn't stop and refused to give up.

The Quantum Leap

This was the time when Shalini started feeling disheartened, during the breakdown she received a glimmer of hope. A leading fintech company ‘My Mudra’ gave her the opportunity to grow his business and helped her in her breakdown. My Mudra saw her dedication, her clear vision, and the growth potential of her business. Finally, Shalini received the news she had been waiting for - her business loan of 2 crore was approved!

Business Loan Journey with My Mudra

During the struggle to get the loan, Shalini encountered My Mudra’s website where she got to know everything about the loan in detail. Soon she read about the documents required and eligibility criteria for an instant business loan online and she applied for it immediately, and within a few hours, she got the revert from the customer executive of My Mudra. The executives studied her case very carefully, she was eligible for the online business loan with an excellent CIBIL score of 890 and then they suggested the best loan options available by the bank at the minimum interest rate. Finally, Shalini was satisfied with the loan of her choice which suited her requirements. After fulfilling every requirement she became eligible and My Mudra initiated the loan disbursement process.

A Dream Turned into Reality

Now expanding the business was not a mere dream for Shalini anymore, she had the loan amount of Rs. 2 crore in her hand, she was overwhelmed and wholeheartedly thanked my mudra for supporting her. Without wasting time Shalini started to work on the business expansion, she hired more employees, expanded her production facilities, and dreamed even bigger. She also launched many marketing campaigns to reach new target customers and as a result, her business grew and so did her confidence and determination. Shalini's perseverance had paid off, and her business was now a thriving enterprise; it was all possible because of the loan she got with the help of My Mudra.


With the right mindset and preparation, everybody's dream can indeed become a reality as Shalini’s. Shalini crossed every barrier and succeeded in growing her business by securing an instant business loan of 2 crores. This was an inspiring story about a young entrepreneur, there are many others who are happily running their business or fulfilling their personal needs through the loan facility provided by My Mudra. I'll come up with other stories with you till then keep reading more about the loan process to fulfill your needs with My Mudra.

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