Get 10 Lakh Personal Loan Online in Minutes at low EMIs

"Are you in urgent need of a 10 Lakh personal loan? Get a collateral-free 10 lahks personal loan at a low-interest rate in minutes from My Mudra."

10 Lakh Personal Loan

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Published: 9 February 2024

Updated: 2 May 2024

Obtain a Personal Loan of up to 10 lakhs online in minutes at attractive low EMI rates with My Mudra and unlock your financial liberty. The world is changing fast every day, financial crises can pop up unexpectedly, leaving people in a bind. But there is a solution, i.e Personal Loan. These types of loans can be very beneficial when it comes to avoiding unnecessary expenses. My Mudra offers you a fast and easy loan process that gives you the money within a minute when you need it the most. We give fast loan service. Whether it's for education, wedding costs, home development projects, or medical expenses. My Mudra is here to help you. Since 2013, more than 50 lakh happy customers have fulfilled their dreams with us and we take pride in it. My Mudra ensures that you will have the easiest possible borrowing experience, feeling as light as a feather and ready to go on the world!

Convenient Application Process

Since we understand that having financial difficulties can be upsetting and stressful, we've made it easy to apply for a 10 lakh personal loan online using our convenient application process. The quickest way to get the personal loan you need is provided by My Mudra. Now you can apply for a personal loan online or you can give us a call on our number to get access to our support. Our agents will guide you throughout the process. Thus, say goodbye to protracted lines and paperwork and say hello to an easy, quick application process that just takes a few minutes to finish. You can easily acquire the financial support you require with My Mudra. You can also track the status of your 10 lakh personal loan. Isn’t it great? So what are you waiting for? Apply now for a 10-lakh personal loan and get quick disbursal of the loan in your account.

Low EMI Options

How you will be required to repay the loan amount through monthly installment payments (EMIs) is one of the most important considerations when taking out a personal loan. With My Mudra, you can now opt for the lowest interest rates and the most straightforward repayment alternatives to easily fit your budget into the monthly payment amount you set. If you are planning to take out a 10-lakh personal loan with a five-year payback period, you need to consider some crucial factors, including the interest rate, the size of the monthly installments, and the total repayment. You can use the My Mudra online EMI calculator for instant personal loan online and select how long you choose to take to pay back the loan sum and determine how much you will need to pay back each month. This tool is designed in such a way that you can even select loan tenure, interest rate, and loan amount as per your convenience and this will also help you create an effective budget and make financial decisions by displaying the actual amount you will be paying each month for your installments, this makes the overall process more efficient and smooth. Finding the perfect mix between affordability and convenience can be achieved by varying the loan length and interest rate. With My Mudra, you can choose to make partial or prepayments toward your loan, which can help you shorten the loan term and save money on interest. My Mudra enables people to take charge of their finances and realise their aspirations without needless financial pressure thanks to our open and customer-focused approach.

10-Lakh Personal Loan Eligibility

At My Mudra, we are removing the barriers that prevent people and businesses from participating in the financial sector and providing financial assistance to individuals from various backgrounds. You can now check the eligibility for a 10 Lakh personal loan with one click on My Mudra. Eligibility of 10 lakhs personal loan of applicant:

1. Age: Minimum- 21 years; Maximum- 68 years.

2. Stable Income: To be eligible for a personal loan of up to 10 lakh, you must have a steady monthly income.  It provides you comfort to know that you have a reliable stream of income to make loan repayments when your monthly income is steady.

3. Good Credit Score: An applicant must have a good credit score with a minimum credit score of 700 while applying for a 10 Lakh personal loan.

4. CIBIL Enquiry: Maximum 2 in a month.

5. Employment Status: To be eligible for a 10 lakh personal loan, a candidate must be working full-time for at least 2-5 years or have a monthly revenue if you’re running a business.

6. Tenure: It’s between 5-7 years.

Low-Interest Rate & Flexible Repayment Options

My Mudra helps you obtain an instant 10 Lakh personal loan with the lowest interest rates, making it an inexpensive financing option for those in need of quick cash. Our transparent fee structure and flexible repayment methods ensure that you can borrow a loan. From helping you pay off those annoying wedding expenditures to giving your property the much-needed makeover, My Mudra offers personal loans with the lowest interest rates, making it an economical financing option. You can confidently borrow money, knowing that you're getting the best possible deal, thanks to our clear pricing schedule. With My Mudra, you can enjoy low-interest rate EMIs and personal terms that suit your financial situation. We value our customer’s convenience and their unique financial needs.

Tie-Ups with Top Banks

You can obtain a 10-Lakh personal loan as per your requirements because of our partnerships with some of India's most reputable banks, including HDFC, Indian Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra, and Standard Chartered. My Mudra respects your financial requirements and demands, which is why we present you with a variety of solutions to suit your preferences.


By lowering the distance between you and your goals, My Mudra enables you to obtain a 10-lakh personal loan in India in the shortest amount of time. We are helping those in need obtain loans with low interest rates and flexible repayment plans that meet their needs. So don’t worry about any kind of financial needs now you have My Mudra, your reliable finance partner.

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