10 Basic Rules To Get The Best Deal For Personal Loans

"Maximize your savings and minimize your debt with our handy guide to securing the best personal loan deal. Follow the essential tips to get a low-interest rate!"

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Published: 20 March 2024

Updated: 4 April 2024

For those trying to satisfy a range of financial needs, personal loans are essential financial instruments. Finding the greatest personal loan offer is crucial for maximising savings and minimising debt, whether it's for debt consolidation, funding home improvements, or covering unforeseen needs. We'll go over 10 crucial pointers in this extensive guide to assist people in successfully navigating personal loan deals and to help them to get personal loan online instantly.

10 Rules to Get the Best Personal Loan Deal!

Check out the below-mentioned rules that can get you the best deal to avail personal loan hassle-free and get the lowest interest rates.

1. Evaluate and Compare Rates of Interest

Borrowers should start by researching and comparing the interest rates provided by various loan providers. Choosing a reliable lender with favourable rates is important since lower interest rates result in reduced total borrowing costs as interest rates are probably the most significant aspect to think about when it comes to loans. Always evaluate the terms for financing offered from multiple lenders, and choose the right one. Because unsecured personal loans carry greater interest rates, lenders are eager to provide them. Thus, the lender will be eager to grant the loan and might even agree to bargain for the best rates if the borrower has the necessary paperwork and a clean credit history. Lenders occasionally offer pre-approved personal loans to current customers who have a consistent income and a solid history of making loan repayments on schedule. Thoroughly understand the interest rate structure to accurately calculate EMIs and loan tenure. Utilise personal loan EMI calculators to assess various repayment options.

2. Choose a Trusted Loan Provider

You should approach credible lenders like My Mudra and avoid multiple simultaneous loan applications to prevent negative impacts on creditworthiness. Assess the eligibility criteria of various lenders before applying to minimize inquiries. While almost all banks, non-banking finance companies, and fintech platforms offer personal loans, the terms and conditions often differ. Usually, banks offer lower rates of interest than NBFCs and other fintech platforms as they have stricter personal loan eligibility criteria to fulfil and access a vast deposit base. One should research the lender and its reviews to choose what suits one best. Carefully evaluate terms and conditions offered by different lenders, including legacy institutions and digital lenders. You should choose a lender that aligns with your requirements and offers favourable terms. You can apply now on My Mudra to get instant approval personal loan.

3. Credit Score

A good credit score indicates positive financial management, signifying the customer's ability to meet loan repayment deadlines. This score affects a person's eligibility for bank loans as it shows the user's creditworthiness. Moreover, a customer’s credit history affects the terms of the personal loan online instant, basically, the interest rate that will apply.

4. Check Documents

Thoroughly complete all necessary documentation to ensure accuracy and completeness. This includes income proofs, bank statements, and personal information. Be aware that the documents should be accurate so your application will not be rejected by the loan provider. 

5. Enjoy Profitable Special Offers

Remain attentive to special offers offered by various loan providers and be aware of seasonal or festive discounts so that you can access more discounts and offers while obtaining the personal loan. Significant cost reductions can be achieved by taking advantage of special incentives like discounted interest rates or processing fees. Look for occasional deals from lenders, such as holiday or seasonal reductions. Perks like reduced interest rates on personal loans or free processing fees may be included in these programs.

6. Check Lock-In Periods

Borrowers should be aware of any lock-in periods offered by the loan provider that really restrict early loan repayment. Being familiar with lock-in provisions supports efficient financial management and prevents possible fines. In the case of credit card transactions, lenders may speed loan disbursement. As most of the loan providers offer early loan repayment, some may have a lock-in period during which early repayment is prohibited. Borrowers should be aware of this lock-in time in order to improve their financial planning.

7. Consider Tenure Carefully

When asking out a personal loan, the borrower needs to be very aware of how the length of the repayment period will impact both the total interest paid and the corresponding monthly installment (EMI). Longer terms have lower interest rates, but the overall amount of interest paid is higher. On the other hand, a shorter term requires higher monthly payments but pays money on interest all over the course of the loan. Hence, selecting the most suitable tenure is beneficial for saving money in the long term.

8. Avoid Advance EMIs

Steer clear of lenders requesting advance EMIs during loan disbursal, as they can increase overall interest costs. Opt for lenders requiring regular installment payments only.

9. Watch out for Extra Charges or Hidden Charges

Be cautious of Zero-Interest Payment Plans and avoid those plans as they could include additional processing fees or hidden costs. To ensure you make an informed borrowing decision, carefully review all terms and conditions. In addition to the interest rate, banks and non-banking financing organizations may impose processing fees for loan applications, administrative costs, prepayment fees, and foreclosure fees. When taken as a whole, these ultimately increase the borrower's total payback obligation.

10. Prioritise Timely Repayments

Consistently pay EMIs on time to avoid negative impacts on credit scores and potential late payment penalties. A strong credit history enhances future loan approval chances. Even evaluating foreclosure fees is also important. Assess foreclosure or prepayment charges to determine the viability of repaying the loan ahead of schedule. Opt for lenders with minimal or no prepayment fees for added flexibility.


Securing the best personal loan deal involves thorough research, careful assessment of terms, and proactive financial management. By implementing these 10 essential tips, individuals can optimise savings, minimise debt, and effectively navigate the personal loan landscape. Whether seeking immediate financial assistance or planning for future expenses, mastering personal loans is key to achieving financial wellness and stability. Apply now.

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